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May 2021: Explore our latest video on building energy saving,

"Passive Radiative Cooler & Thermochromic Smart Window"

Sep 2020: Explore our latest video on building energy saving,

"The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Chiller Plant Optimization"

2019: Our project was awarded Hanson I&T Outstanding Awards and Best Innovation Award from EMSD (with Edwin Tso, City University of Hong Kong)

2019: Prof. Chao was elected Fellow of The Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences. Congratulations!

2019: Our PhD student, Celeste Lai was awarded the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship


Latest Publications

Performance of Airflow Distance from Personalized Ventilation on Personal Exposure to Airborne Droplets from Different Orientations

J. Xu, S.C. Fu, C.Y.H. Chao

Indoor and Built Environment, 2020

Bio-inspired Patterned Surface for Submicron Particle Deposition in a Fully Developed Turbulent Duct

H. Xu, S.C. Fu, K.C. Chan, H. Qiu, C.Y.H. Chao

Building Simulation, 2020

Bio-inspired Cooling Technologies and the Application in Buildings

S.C. Fu, X.L. Zhong, T.W. Lai, K.C. Chan, K.Y. Lee, C.Y.H. Chao

Energy and Buildings, 225, 110313, 2020

A Novel Electrode Formed with Electrospun Nano- and Micro-scale Carbon Fibers for Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries

J. Sun, H.R. Jiang, M.C. Wu, X.Z. Fan, C.Y.H. Chao, T.S. Zhao

Journal of Power Sources, 470, 228411, 2020

Bio-inspired TiO2 Nano-cone Antireflection Layer for the Optical Performance Improvement of VO2 Thermochromic Smart Windows

S. Liu, C.Y. Tso, H.H. Lee, Y. Zhang, K.M. YU, C.Y.H. Chao

Scientific Reports, 10, 11376, 2020

Aligned Hierarchical Electrodes for High-performance Aqueous Redox Flow Battery

J. Sun, H.R. Jiang, M.C. Wu, X.Z. Fan, C.Y.H. Chao, T.S. Zhao

Applied Energy, 271, 115235, 2020.