Flutter-driven Hybridized Triboelectric-Piezoelectric Nanogenerator for Smart Building Applications
Abstract Architecture
Glass Buildings

Internet of Things (IoT)

Links any things by widely distributed sensors network in smart buildings. Batteries and external electric power will cause external construction and maintenance expenses.

Internet of Things


Smart Buildings

Environmental Energy, the most suitable energy which sensors are exposed to.

A Power Source designed for THOUSANDS of
sensors nodes without wiring in
 Smart Buildings
Air Duct

Ventilation Duct


Major Electrical Equipment in Buildings

Inside the Elevator


Climbers in Rock Wall
Existing Challenges
Triboelectric-Piezoelectric Nanogenerator


Electrochemical Anodization Method

To Improve Power Density


Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)

Electronic Circuit Board

Low Critical Velocity due to Structure Design

Synergy Effect for Larger Energy Output

Compact Size for Installation in HVAC and Elevator


Enchanced Heat Sink Technology using a Bio-inspired Passive Fluttering Mechanism



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